Drizzle Programming Language

Welcome to the language reference for the Drizzle Programming Language, although this is currently just some musings at the moment.
The Drizzle project has the following goals:
  • Have an easy to read syntax without compromising on speed.
  • Have static type checking while keeping type declarations unobtrusive (heavily inspired by Python / Swift)

Design Phase

This language hasn't been properly started yet, as it's still in the design phase.
The language reference section of the docs will be used to write out an initial design of how the language will work, but this should not be relied on as I reserve the right to change my mind about the style at any time.
First and foremost this will be a language that I want to use, and as such I might be making changes to the language.
Once the implementation phase begins however, there will be no more changes to the design.


We took inspiration for the layout of the docs from the Crystal docs as I found them very nice to read.
Last modified 3yr ago